Was born and raised in Porto.

Loves dogs, cats and all four-legged things - furry or not. Even the strange ones. Never lets we say they're ugly. 

Never smiles for photos. Ever.

Starts talking in the weirdest random accents all of a sudden.

Can’t help laughing when someone trips in front of her. 

Has a sensitive, creative heart. Stops paying attention at the middle of most conversations. 

Loves to travel and is an untiring explorer when it comes to taking the perfect picture. 

Knows most pop songs by heart but never admits to it; you have to be sneaky to find this one out.

Loves vinyl records. Has the biggest Madonna collection you will ever see. 

Pretends to love only black but finds hot pink pretty rad, too. 



Was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Portugal out of a whim. After the fashion of most of her decisions. 

Loves big dogs and thinks cats are mostly tolerable.  

Loves to travel and is unpredictable when it comes to the next destination. Does not like to be a tourist, so will most likely consider moving every time she likes a new city. 

Tends to sing all. the. time. Won't stop upon request. Whistles sometimes, too. Knows to whistle in seven different ways, actually. 

Is at home in wild places. Misses the rainforest dearly. 

Has a perfectionist, creative heart. Stops paying attention at the middle of most conversations. 

Loves vinyl records. Thinks music is best enjoyed from the comfort of a hammock. 

Thinks herself as very organized but gets distracted in the middle of most important tasks. When distracted, tends to go fold clothes.


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