FRom Holland to portugal - proposing in porto


Tim and Mylène came all the way from Amsterdam to spend some days in Porto last October. Tim had written us an email saying that he planned to ask Mylène to marry him during a picnic in Palácio do Freixo, an hotel with beautiful gardens overlooking the Douro River. The whole idea seemed so perfect, we were more than happy to be a part of their day (even though we had to hide and pretend we were tourists while sneakily taking pictures of them so that Mylène wouldn't suspect a thing before Tim proposed). 

Everything and everyone seemed to come together to make this day extra special for them: the picnic (created by PECULIAR Comunicação), the lovely staff from Palácio do Freixo making sure everything went smooth, the weather (a bright sunny day after weeks of rain and cold wind in Porto), even strangers passing us by seemed to be all in a good mood. And Tim and Mylène were such kind and lovely people, it was only fair that the beginning of this new chapter in their life began in the best of ways. Now we can't wait for their Wedding Day in Holland!