River Stories in Coimbra


When we first started photographing families we would spend hours discussing the meaning of it all: why was it that we felt it was so important for families to spend one or two hours being photographed doing this or that in an era where photographs and cameras were so readily available? We knew there was something special about the images we created (and wanted to keep creating), something that made them matter in a different way to those fast and numerous snapshots that we create with our cellphone cameras on a daily basis. In a world of scientific reasons, it feels weird to say something is different or more important just because of the way it makes us feel; in general, we are expected to give more palpable reasons, and we can: the print quality of professional photographs, the fact that it's done by someone that knows what they are doing, the image quality, the timelessness of the image, its ability to outlive us all and be held and appreciated by the next generation. 

But when we come from a session like this one, a late afternoon swim in the river (the first time the baby went into the river, actually), we look at the images and all technical answers we could have just seem less important: we know each one of these will be cherished; we know they talk about the things that matter the most, we know they are alive and breathing and real like the people inside them. They give us a way to grasp the meaning of Time, and that is enough. 

Joana Pizarro