Rural Inspired Wedding in Alentejo, Portugal


Shooting a wedding in Alentejo during summer is a sweaty but amazing task. We never get tired of complimenting the light there – sharp, clear and soft at the same time, something we don’t usually get during summer in other parts of the world. The landscape is inviting, people are welcoming and kind and we get a sense of peace and quiet that’s not easy to describe in a formal blog post (we can try it over coffee, though!).
For this wedding, we got to stay in Montemor-o-Novo, a small village in the region, for three whole days that included a love session, the wedding and a whole lot of summer fun for the guests on the morning after the wedding. It was a lot of work with a lot of summer heat and many glasses of water to keep us hydrated, but so. much. fun. If this photography business has taught us anything so far, it is that, despite the common threads, no two weddings are like each other and there really is something new to see in each new one we shoot – but in this case, the whole thing felt like nothing we had seen before, even though we wish we could experience it again and again in the future. Maybe that’s why we have a special love for the images we created there.


Fotografar casamentos de verão no Alentejo é uma tarefa maravilhosamente suada. Este, que aconteceu em Montemor-o-Novo e durou três dias, foi das melhores experiências fotográficas que tivemos em 2017. Os noivos e os familiares e amigos próximos renderam-nos horas de muitas risadas e boas imagens enquanto se preparavam e a luz do Alentejo foi o que a luz do Alentejo costuma ser: magnífica e sedutora.

Joana Pizarro