Ana & Luís ~ Quinta do Ameal


It was late summer when we shot this wedding editorial in Quinta do Ameal, an absolutely amazing place in Ponte de Lima, in the north of Portugal, with the incredible Edgar Félix Videos, Pilar Eventos, Humor ao Lume and Pedro Netto. We came home feeling cold (we had to get in the pool late in the evening for the last shots), feeling happy and feeling hopeful in general. It took us some long weeks to put in words what the session meant to us and many more months to bring it to the blog. The words were written down. It goes like this: 

I seem to have run in a great circle, and met myself again on the starting line.” 

~ Jeanette Winterson. 

Art can feel like a never ending quest most of the time. At some point we start getting used to the fact that we’ll never be enough for our work and our work will never be enough for us. We start to understand that the journey is what matters, for there’s no one waiting for us with a kiss and a prize at the finishing line; most of the time, the finishing line is quite disappointing, actually, and we feel a sad kind of emptiness when (if ever) we cross it - an emptiness we can only overcome once we set off on another quest. It feels tiring - overwhelming, actually, most of the time. But it’s also what fuels our lives - this weird, mostly pointless search towards some meaning. We won’t find the single answer, we know we won’t, but it doesn’t matter because the many, many small, intermittent answers we find along the way matter so much more. 

This session was just that: a small, intermittent answer to so many questions. An afternoon of surprise smiles, surprise kisses - a hug and a laughter we were not expecting exploding right in front of the cameras. The story before us was not made up and none of us new how it went, which chapter came first; it didn’t really matter.  We won’t always know what’s going on in front of the cameras - we can’t possibly pretend to know everything, to understand the whole meaning of a moment when we are nothing but spectators of it. Most of the time, though, it doesn’t matter if we understand it or not; a laughter is a laughter and love is love no matter what your background, and, as photographers, we believe it is more than enough that we respect it, admire it, look for it and have our cameras ready when the moment comes. That’s the truth about the stories we tell: we can’t possibly know which of the images will bring tears of longing or joy, which of them will be liked, which will not. We know nothing, and that’s Ok. That was our small, intermittent answer for the day. 

The Team:
Photography: Oceânica | Video: Edgar Félix | Decor: PILAR Eventos | Catering: Humor ao Lume | Hair: Pedro Netto Studio | Venue: Quinta do Ameal | Couple: Ana e Luís