Algarve Wedding Photographers. Bridal Portrait in golden, soft light.
Engagement Session in Porto near the Bridge.
Same sex love session in Porto, Portugal. Two men holding each other in downtown Porto. Porto Wedding Photograpehrs.
Groom Portrait in soft, moody light. Portugal Wedding Photographers. Oceânica Photography.
Dance photos of bride and groom in colorful lights during a wedding in Alentejo. Lisbon Wedding Photographers. Oceânica Photography
Portrait of a viking-looking groom wearing yellow-flower covered suspenders. Editorial shoot by Oceânica Photography in Portugal
Elegant portrait of a bride wearing a magnolia headdress and modern wedding dress by Jesus Peiró. Image by Oceânica Photography in Portugal
Moody portrait of a bride looking out the door in her wedding gown by Proovias Barcelona. Image by Oceânica
Portrait of a bride wearing magnolia headdress and bracelet and an elegant, modern dress by Jesus Peiró Porto. Images by Julia Jardim and Joana Carvalho for Oceânica.
Bride dancing happily in laced wedding skirt and top during her wedding day.
Groom in light blue suit and bow-tie shot right before his wedding in Alentejo by Oceânica Photography.
Gay couple kissing in downtown Porto. Image by Oceânica Photography.
Bride prep image by Oceânica Photography in a wedding in Guimarães, Portugal.
Couple session atop the D. Luis Bridge in Porto, Portugal, by Oceânica Photography
Groom and groosman right before the wedding in Alentejo, Portugal, by Oceânica Photography
Same-sex couple session in the rain by Oceânica Photography.
Flower girl in a flower hat looking out the window in a backyard wedding in Portugal.
Fairy lights in a backyard wedding near Porto, Portugal. Shot by Julia Jardim and Joana Pizarro for Oceânica.
Bride and Groom holding their sparkles in front of a doughnut cake in the end of their wedding day. Image by Julia Jardim and Joana Pizarro for Oceânica.
Bride floral bracelet using magnolias. Florals by Jardin D'époque and images by Oceânica Photography.
Portrait of a bride wearing golden traditional guinean wedding dress. By Oceânica Photography